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Thread Contributor: Risto[Tutorial] How to use Instagram Manager
Download available here => http://smmnova.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=166415

Step 1: Set up the settings
Some of the settings are required in order for the software to run. We already set them up by default, but if you want to change/add something, make sure you review them before scraping.

Go to "Settings" from the file menu and you'll see a window like this:
[Image: AVSKfTE.png]

The User Agent and Request Timeout are REQUIRED settings, which we set up by default. If you want to use a proxy while scraping, make sure you follow the format, which is explained if you click the "?" button.

You can also have delay between requests if you have troubles with Instagram limits.

Step 2: Load a list with user(s)
The software will go through each of the user(s) in the list and scrape their data.

Go to "File" in the file menu and select "Load users". If you want to remove previously loaded users, you can choose "Clear loaded users" or enable the setting "Clear loaded data after loading a new list" from settings menu.

A new window will open to select a file with user(s). Make sure the file contains ONE username PER LINE. For example:

After you load the users, the software will notify you in the status bar.

Step 3: Start the scraping process
After loading a list of user(s) and setting up the settings, you're good to go. Go to "File" menu and press "Start".

The software will go through the users one by one and notify you how many of them were finished over time. If an username in your list can't be scraped or doesn't exist, the software will NOT add it to the grid.

[Image: Uwpq4AJ.png]

Step 4: Filter out the users you need
After you're done scraping you can filter the user(s) using the "Filter" menu.

[Image: rYMJ5d0.png]

Step 5: Export the users to a file
After you've successfully scraped data and filtered it (if necessary), you can export it to a CSV file and use it with software like Excel.

[Image: u9E8Qkp.png]

Select the path where to save the file and name it. Other settings are set by default for you, but if you wish to change something, you are free to do so. You can also include an additional column for e-mails (if there is one found in their bio).


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