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Thread Contributor: RistoInstagram Manager Changelog
1.0 (11.08.2015)
- Initial release

1.1 (12.08.2015)
- Fixed a bug when importing users (it used to load the ones from the previous load as well)
- Replaced the listView with dataGridView
- Fixed the label displaying wrong status of checked users
- Added a menu
- Add an option to clear the data grid
- Added an option to disable emoji text in Bio
- Bio column now supports multi-lines
- Fixed website URL outputting weird characters.
- Fixed a crash if the program runs into a banned/unavailable user (now it outputs the username and tells you that it's banned/unavailable)

1.2 (13.08.2015)
- Fixed users being able to add rows in the data grid.
- Removed the additional column before username
- Fixed the label showing wrong status of accounts
- Added export function (All data and website URL in CSV/TXT format)

1.3 (22.08.2015)
- Banned/unavailable users will no longer show in the table
- Fixed a crash while exporting users with no website URL

1.4 (29.08.2015)
- Added a new feature for scraping full name
- Added a new feature for checking the last upload date

1.5 (12.09.2015)
- Added a new feature to choose custom delimiter for exporting (Settings > Delimiter)

1.6 (19.09.2015)
- Added a new feature to filter users (based on followers, followings, uploads, bio and website)

1.7 (28.09.2015)
- Added a new feature to export e-mail addresses from profile (in bio and full name)

1.8 (30.09.2015)
- Added a new feature to see average comments the user gets on the last 24 pictures (if he has less, then it's the average comments on the amount of pictures he has)

1.9 (08.10.2015)
- Added a new feature to filter users based on average comments

2.0 (16.10.2015)
- Fixed a bug showing the wrong amount of average comments

2.1 (20.10.2015)
- Added a new feature to export all data including e-mails

2.2 (20.10.2015)
- Fixed a small bug with the custom delimiter not working on the last column (e-mails)

2.3 (28.10.2015)
- Fixed a small bug with emoji text showing in full name

2.4 (05.12.2015)
- Fixed a bug with usernames not showing up and causing other glitches in the software

2.5 (26.12.2015)
- Fixed a bug that would cause the scraper to stop if the full name contained a comma in it

2.6 (17.05.2016)
- Fixed a bug not being able to scrape the date of last post, which caused the software not to work

2.7 (20.05.2016)
- Fixed a bug that caused users not to be added in the table after scraping them

2.8 (26.06.2016)
- Fixed a bug that caused the software to stop scraping

2.9 (15.03.2017)
- Fixed a bug that caused a crash when starting to scrape
- Adjusted the GUI a bit (made it bigger)
- Added a new feature to dump debug data (to help me find bugs/errors easier and faster)

3.0 (25.03.2017)
- Fixed an issue with uploads not being counted properly if the amount was over 1,000

3.1 (02.04.2017)
- Fixed an issue causing the software to stop scraping if it finds a user with unescaped characters in the name

3.2 (29.04.2017)
- Fixed an issue causing the export file columns to be messed up if the bio contained the delimiter in it

3.3 (30.07.2017)
- Fixed an issue causing the software to skip some users
- Fixed an issue not retrieving the user ID correctly in some cases
- Fixed an issue not retrieving the website correctly in some cases

3.4 (30.07.2017)
- Fixed an issue causing the website to have " (quotation mark) in front of it in some cases

3.5 (02.08.2017)
- Fixed a rare issue where the full name wasn't being scraped properly (Thanks Paul for reporting the issue!)

4.0 (18.02.2018)
– Modifiable request (web) settings. You can now define your own user agent, request timeout, and delay between requests.
– Added “Stop” feature if you want to cancel the process.
– Added serialization support, which means your settings will be saved when you close the software (doesn’t apply to loaded users/grid).
– Added hotkeys for faster access to features

– Improved the stability of the software (the software uses different methods to send requests and receive data now)
– Improved the parsing data method, which shouldn’t cause any issues anymore when Instagram updates their website or cause it to parse something unintended.
– Improved the exporting feature, which should be a lot smoother and less issues now. It now supports new lines as well as emojis. Also added more options for export.
– Improved the user interface a little bit. Changed some things to make it more easy to use.
– Improved the resizing ability of the software. You can now resize it as you wish and it will update all the controls properly.

– Replaced the average comments column with average engagement, which is calculated as (avg likes + avg comments)/2.

[Bug fixes]
– Fixed the issues with data not being parsed
– Fixed the issues with data sometimes having additional unintended strings in it (15.03.2018)
- Fixed an issue causing the software to not scrape/return any results (16.08.2018)
- Fixed average engagement column not being properly sorted
- Fixed average engagement to display decimals for better accuracy
- Removed some unnecessarly debugging entries that I forgot to remove before
- Added website filter
- Added privacy filter
- Added verified filter
- Added validation before attempting to filter (to prevent crashes/errors) (18.08.2018)
- The loading usernames function will now ignore white spaces


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