Last updated: April 4, 2017


How long it takes to get license details after purchasing?

It usually is delivered instantly. Sometimes it could take a few minutes up to 24 hours for the payment to get processed and verified. If it takes more than 24 hours, please open a ticket and include as much information as possible.

Which operating systems does SMM Nova software work on?

All of our software is created for Windows operating systems.

.NET Framework is required for the software to run.

If you have a different operating system than Windows, you have two choices:
1. Get a Windows VPS (virtual private server)
2. Use a third party software such as VirtualBox, Parallel Desktop, VMWare etc..

Does my computer have to be on for SMM Nova software to work?

Yes, it does. You can also get yourself a VPS (virtual private server) which is online 24/7, in case you can't keep your computer online at all times.

Is there a trial/demo version?

No, there isn't at the moment.

Instagram Scraper

The scraper is not scraping ALL the users. Why?

Because of Instagram internal limits. Our software does NOT have any kind of limits when it comes to scraping users.

The software is scraping as many users as Instagram allows and when there are no more returned by Instagram, it stops.

Can I scrape e-mail address(es) from users with Instagram Scraper?

Yes, you can filter out the e-mail address(es) from users if they have one in their name or bio.

How many computers can I run Instagram Scraper on simultaneously?

The current limit of computers you can run Instagram Scraper on simultaneously is two. If there is a change to the limit, it will be noted here.

How many times can I run Instagram Scraper on the same computer?

You can run the software unlimited amount of times on the same computer. The only requirement is to have a different file name.

For example, if the original file is called "InstagramScraper.exe", you will have to change it to "InstagramScraper2.exe" or "whatever.exe" before running it.

My anti-virus software detected Instagram Scraper as a virus. What to do?

Some anti-virus software mark our software as virus, but those are completely false-positives and our software is 100% clean. The reason for detection is because of the protection methods we use. To avoid this and prevent your anti-virus from causing issues, make sure to whitelist our software.

Here are guides how to whitelist a file for most major anti-virus software:


My license has been locked. What to do?

If you go over the allowed limit of using the software on 2 computers simultaneously, your license will be automatically locked. To get your license unlocked, please open a ticket and include your license details.

I am having issues with your software, where do I get help?

First of all, make sure to read our documentation. Check our support website for more common questions answered. If you still can't find an answer to your question, feel free to open a ticket and include as much information as possible.