Instagram Downloader Documentation

Last updated: April 28, 2017


The download link is provided in the e-mail address you receive when you purchase the software. It also contains the license key which is required for activation later on.

The link for downloading the free edition of the downloader is:


Instagram Downloader does not require any special installation. After you have downloaded the software, all you have to do is extract the files to your computer. From there, you can immediately run the software.

Main tab


The main tab of the downloader contains some very basic information about the software. You can see the type of version you have (FREE or PAID), your current version, the latest available version and the changelog of previous versions.

Downloader tab

The downloader tab is where you give the directions to the software what to download.


We currently support the following types:

  • Single photo
  • Single video
  • Single user
  • Single hashtag
  • Single location


In the input type, put the source from where you want to download photos/videos. The current format is the following:

- For downloading a single photo, the input is an Instagram URL. Some examples are:

- For downloading a single video, the input is an Instagram URL. Some examples are:

- For downloading a single user's posts, the input is an Instagram username (only username, not URL, without @). Some examples are:

- For downloading from a single hashtag, the input is a Instagram hashtag (only hashtag, not URL, without #). Some examples are:

- For downloading from a single location, the input is a Instagram location ID. Some examples are:

After inputting the source, make sure you select the corresponding type to it, otherwise the software won't be able to recognize it and fail to download anything.


When downloading a single photo or video, you will see the stats box. It contains information about the photo or video you are downloading.

Currently we support the following stats:

  • Total amount of likes he photo/video has
  • Total amount of comments he photo/video has
  • The media ID of the photo/video
  • The date when the photo/video was posted
  • The caption/description of the photo/video

You can copy these stats by clicking on them. You can also save them on your computer by using one of the settings (in Settings tab) explained below.



When downloading a single hashtag, location or single user's photos, you will see the filters box. It allows you to filter which photos/videos will be downloaded.

Currently we support the following filters:

  • Skip videos - will skip any videos and download only photos
  • Skip photos - will skip any photos and download only videos
  • Skip posts with more/less than x likes/comments - will skip posts with more or less than the specified amount of likes or comments
  • Stop after x downloads - will stop after downloading the specified amount of photos

Settings tab


The settings tab includes some key features which are required to be set in order the downloader to work as well as some optional ones.

Web settings

User agent is the user agent the downloader uses when sending the request(s) to Instagram. This feature is considered "advanced" and not recommended to edit unless you know what you are doing. We have added a function to randomize the user agent, which you can do by clicking the "R" button.

The proxy textbox is used if you want to use a proxy when downloading photos/videos. The format should be "ip:port". If your proxy has username and password, then the format is "ip:port:username:password".

Download settings

Download folder is the folder where downloaded photos/videos will be saved. This is required option in order to be able to start the downloader.

Save caption while downloading in .txt file (single photo/video only) - will save the caption of the photo/video when using the single photo/video downloader.

Create a new folder for each user or hashtag - will create a new folder (in the folder specified above) with the name of the user or hashtag and download all related photos/videos there. This is useful for organizing your data.

Remove emoji symbols from caption - will remove the emojis from captions. Emojis are saved in their Unicode version and make the captions look "ugly".

Pro features

Save stats for posts while downloading single user's posts or hashtag (.csv) - will save ALL the information (likes, comments, media ID, URL etc) of ALL the posts downloaded from a single user or hashtag.

Custom delimiter for the stats file - is the delimiter between the data in the .csv which is later on used to split into columns in Excel.

Logs tab


The logs tab include the software logs. You can see what is happening when you launch the software, during downloading etc. Logs give the idea of how the software works to the users and also helps us (the developers) fix issues faster and easier.

"Clear" - will clear all the logs in the current session.

"Save" - will save all the logs in the current session - might be required when reporting issues.


Question: Can you download photos/videos from private users?
Answer: Not at the moment. It's something we have planned, but it's not our highest priority right now.

Question: How do I find the location ID?
Answer: You can find all existing locations on Instagram here. You can also use Google dorks.